A Funny Little Cow Ponders Pain:

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The funny little cow meets a human in the worst way possible—the man steps on her. From this painful first meeting the two become friends. The funny little cow discovers her new friend is a pastor (she calls him a pasture), and he knows a lot about pain and why God allows something that feels so bad to exist.

The pastor has another friend, a fourteen-year-old girl named Hailey. The little cow can’t pronounce Hailey’s name either—she says Hayleaves. Hailey has cancer, which causes her pain and suffering. Together, the pastor and the funny little cow explore the reasons for pain and how pain is part of life.

The funny little cow certainly understands that—she’s always getting hurt. Sometimes the pain is physical, like when a grown man steps on her. And sometimes she’s hurt emotionally, like when she feels lonely. She learns everyone gets hurt at some point, and that pain is an important part of life.

Written for the real-life Hailey, A Funny Little Cow Ponders Pain helps children and parents understand and cope with pain through a unique blend of humor, compassion, and biblical concepts.

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