Ronnie Worsham has spent nearly fifty years pursuing and serving God in the ministry trenches around the southwest United States. He has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a master’s degree in behavioral studies in natural science, as well as an MBA. He is a lifelong student, having also studied extensively in religion and philosophy. Ronnie is first an evangelist, sent to advance the kingdom. Secondly, he is a pastor and minister, ordained to serve and feed the body of Christ. Thirdly, he is an author and amateur poet, inspired to write down the things he has learned, experienced, envisioned, and imagined.

As the senior minister of the Northeast Church in Garland, Texas, and the coordinating minister for the DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) Metro Family of Churches, he has been instrumental in planting seven churches over the years as well as helping to grow and develop many church leaders that serve in various ways in DFW and around the country. He has also supported and shared a part in the birth and development of the Fellowship of Christian University Students (FOCUS), a campus mission fellowship operating on over ten college and university campuses in DFW.

Ronnie lives in Wylie, Texas and is married to his beautiful wife, Tana. Together they share four wonderful children—Brandon, Kale, Casey, and Brianna, and their spouses, respectively, Sarah, Jamiann, Katelyn, and Tyler. They also currently have four beautiful granddaughters, Reese, Ryann, Penelope, and Collins. Ronnie is the youngest of eight, enjoying a huge extended family.

He is the author of several books: Fighting and Beating Depression (dealing with his lifelong battle against depression), Forty Days on the Mountain With God (a daily devotional series from the Sermon on the Mount), Discovering Jesus (a self-study workbook for using the Bible to find and understand Jesus better), Reflections on Faith (a series of devotions and essays on faith), A Funny Little Cow Ponders Pain (written with Kristen Wilemon, a book for young people helping to understand pain and suffering), Seeing God Seeing You (a book on understanding the gospel), Glowing Embers (a book of spiritual and inspirational poetry), and God Thoughts (a book of 100 essays and devotions on a wide variety of topics).