Reflections on Faith: Thoughts and Devotions

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Everyone lives by faith. It is impossible to not do so. Thus it is paramount that we carefully choose where we place our faith. Faith is merely a measure of the strength of our beliefs in the ideas, the people, the disciplines, the religions, and any other things that we hold to be true. The ones we accept with the highest degree of certainty are the things we hold with the greatest faith. The things we believe in the most and that exert the greatest bearing on our lives and existence are the things we can say we live by faith in.

Faith is not easy though. It comes with risk. It comes with challenge. Its implications to us and to others are significant. Strong faith is one of the greatest feats of all. It is easy to live by little faith or even in doubt and fear. It is easy to live by misplaced or misdirected faith—faith in the wrong or the less important things, or faith in ideas or in people that are patently incorrect or insincere. However Jesus said that faith is in fact the work God requires of us.

Reflections on Faith represent the thoughts, devotions, insights, and beliefs of Ronnie Worsham, who has spent most of a lifetime of over six decades pondering faith. The author has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and the natural sciences, a master’s degree in the behavioral studies, a master’s degree in business, and has as well studied extensively in philosophy and religion. He has also for twenty-five years owned and operated his own management consulting practice. Ronnie has served as a pastor and as an evangelist since his calling over four decades ago, ministering for the last eighteen years at the Northeast Church in Garland, Texas. He is a devoted husband, father, and grandfather. He is a friend and mentor to many. His other books include Discovering Jesus, Forty Days on the Mountain with God, Fighting and Beating Depression, and A Funny Little Cow Ponders Pain.

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